Monday, January 16, 2017

Southern Lady

I was born and raised in the South (yes I know, you raise corn and rear children) but in the South you are raised!  I lived mostly with my grandparents and miss them terribly, They taught me about unconditional love, about being content with what you have and a love for Southern Cooking.  I mean to tell you my "Nanny" could cook.  The best cornbread and collard greens in the world.  You would slather your cornbread with real fresh country butter and it was like eating gold.  Nanny never kept her butter in the refrigerator - no it stayed in a special dish on the kitchen table. And my grandfather "Paw" would cook the best T bone steak fried in a cast iron frying pan on the gas stove.  They did not have a grill.  Most of the pans they cooked in were cast iron.  I sure wish I had my grandmother's cast iron pans!    I do cook in cast iron pans now - couldn't make biscuits without a good cast iron fry pan.
Please enjoy some home made biscuits with chicken gravy and fried chicken.  Or how bout some fried catfish with cornbread and collard greens?  Of course to wash it down you had a big glass of ice cold sweet tea!   Enjoy!!!!

I am posting this to Art Journal Journey.
The theme for this month is story telling and I would love to share some of the Southern United States with you!

Thanks for visiting!!!  Y'all come back now ya hear? 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Now this is a tea party!!

If you don't know Stephanie by now perhaps it is time you should!  Check out her blog
The Enchanting Rose and  take a leisurely tour.  She also has the most delightful Etsy Shop.  I should know, I am one of her customers.

Stephanie is the hostess of The Tea Cup Exchange held twice a year.  This is my very first year and I am already looking forward to the next party!  There were 192 participants this year from all over the world.  My partner was a very sweet lady in California.  Her name is Nora and you can find her at Tales of the Teacup.  This is the gift I sent her.

A homemade card is always fun to make and receive.

Lynn in Indiana had my name and boy is she some kind of artist!!  I can't believe she wrapped all of the gifts!!!

I could not get all of  Lynn's gifts in one picture!!  A lovely tea cup with matching tea pot.  Also a water color journal which  I can try my best to fill!
Next  tea and a delightful letter from Lynn.  She sent me a set of Our Gang coasters - what fun.  On my last post for Art Journal Journey my theme was Our Gang.
Now for Lynn's art work and it indeed is a work of art.  Hand painted and designed by Lynn on fabric with a lace trim.  A tapestry extraordinaire!  It took my breath away!!!   You can find Lynne at Quaker Home Cottage.

I know this is a long post but believe me it is well worth the journey.  The fun for me - searching for goodies that will go perfectly in my next gift box.  And then the mad search to find something special just for that person!!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween

It has been a while since I have posted but I think I have a good one for you today.
Some  time ago, my friend Lisa Minckler and I agreed to swap Halloween pocket letters.  I really had fun doing this but it did take some time.  Lisa has this in her hot little hands now and from her thank you letter I think she really likes it!!!!

It is really quite bejeweled - every where I could I stuck some blitz.  I got my inspiration from the Mexican Day of the Dead and jeweled ornamentation crafts that they do so well.

If you haven't seen any of Anne's Halloween Makes or Sara Emily's haunted house  you really should take a peek - I promise you that you will not be disappointed!